Tech Writing Sample > Public-Record Property Investigation: Philadelphia Edition

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The City of Philadelphia’s online presence has been a bad joke for a very long time. But in the past several years the city has taken steps to modernize its website and there are now a number of useful tools for citizens to easily access publicly available data, including basic property records and associated data about that property’s tax status, L&I records, and its water usage.

This tutorial, and particularly the part about gathering information about a property’s water usage, is based on a great article that used to be on, but since the site’s archive is no longer available, I am reproducing the steps here.
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Website > v2.0, “MoBerry” Portfolio Website (2017)

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Website > v1.0, “Profeshional” Portfolio Website (2013)

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Article > Philadelphia City Paper: “Train Wreck”

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“Train Wreck”, Philadelphia City Paper, published on September 6, 2007.

I wrote “Train Wreck” for Philadelphia’s City Paper in the summer of 2007. The article was published on September 6, 2007. It details some of the endemic problems of SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, the public transit entity for the Philadelphia region) and its reconstruction of the Market-Frankford Elevated subway line along Market Street in West Philadelphia.
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Article > Philadelphia City Paper: “200 Reasons to Worry”

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“200 Reasons to Worry”, Philadelphia City Paper, published on October 18, 2006.

I wrote “200 Reasons to Worry” for Philadelphia’s City Paper for a pre-2006-election issue and the article was published on October 18, 2006. It examines some of the problems and controversies involved with the adoption of electronic voting machines by local governments like Philadelphia. It’s a short article, but I attempted to inform the reader primarily by using quotations from three individuals: Bob Lee, a voting registration administrator for Philadelphia County, Bev Harris, the voting activist and author of Black Box Voting, and Greg Palast, the author of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy and my former employer, who taught me a lot about the politics of voting and elections.
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Publication > The Infamous Magazine

Cover of Issue 5 of The Infamous magazine, 2011. Illustration by Persue.

I worked with the creator and art director of The Infamous, Shaun Baron, to conceive and execute all of aspects of the magazine. All content was created by ourselves and by contributors, exclusive to The Infamous, and I coordinated gathering and preparing that content: text, photos, illustrations, videos – everything. After writing, re-writing, and proofing the final pages I worked with the printer and our distributors – and my local post office – to get The Infamous to its readers.
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Website > – Website of The Infamous Magazine (2013)

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