For 20 years I have been in the business of content. The creation of content. The research that goes into creating good content. The presentation and delivery of content. I have experience marketing content and evaluating its effectiveness. I have a lot of experience archiving, retrieving, and repurposing content. Between my personal interests and my workplace experience, I am familiar with almost every medium of content, from the written word to the moving picture.

I’ve always prized the ability to do things for oneself. For a writer in today’s world, that means doing more than writing, and over the years I have expanded my creative and technical skills.


I have been a writer, research, and editor, working in everything from journalism to enterprise-level customer service.

Photography and Video

I started out with film, but today I focus on digital photography using mirrorless and DSLR cameras that give me the ability to create beautiful photos and video.


I built this site and others using WordPress, an open-source content management system (CMS). When I first created this website in 2013, about 17 percent of all websites used WordPress. In 2020, 37.5 percent of all websites use WordPress. I taught myself HTML, CSS, and some PHP to create custom WordPress solutions.

Information Technology

Working as a technical writer in the telecommunications and medical device industries motivated me to study the things that power our online world, and the management methodologies that we use to develop those platforms and technologies.

For example, this website is hosted on an AWS EC2 server that runs CentOS with Nginx, MariaDB and PHP-FPM. To build and maintain it I learned a lot of Linux system administration, as well as tools like SELinux and firewalld. I also have a local WordPress development environment that I created with containers created from Dockerfiles and Docker Compose.

Information Security

I’ve been interested in information security (or “cybersecurity”) for a long time. I earned the CompTIA Security+ certification in April 2019. I hope to leverage my existing skills – with content – to teach people about information security and how to stay safe in our networked world.

I designed and launched this website in 2013 to showcase some of my professional and creative achievements. You can see my resume here, or read a little about me here. This website also highlights some of the more noteworthy projects that I have worked on.