I created this website in 2013 as a portfolio site to highlight some professional achievements and demonstrate my experience creating and distributing content to potential employers.

In the almost 10 years since I have launched the site, I have somewhat unexpectedly become an experienced technical writer focusing on information security. The more “creative” items I have highlighted on this website still represent skills that I have, but ones that are much less likely to make me money. Therefore, many examples on this site are a bit dated.

Technical writing is pretty cool but almost all of my work product is covered by NDAs, meaning i need to create my own writing samples. I started with a series of technical writing samples on this site, but in 2022 I created a new website to highlight this work, tech-writer.massolit-media.com.

And although I don’t update it as much as I should, I also run a more “creative” site focusing on my love of trains and train travel, highball8.com. I also have Instagram and Twitter accounts with the handle @highball8, but I update those even less.

You can see my resume here, or read a little about me here.