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Cover of Issue 5 of The Infamous magazine, 2011. Illustration by Persue.

I worked with the creator and art director of The Infamous, Shaun Baron, to conceive and execute all of aspects of the magazine. All content was created by ourselves and by contributors, exclusive to The Infamous, and I coordinated gathering and preparing that content: text, photos, illustrations, videos – everything. After writing, re-writing, and proofing the final pages I worked with the printer and our distributors – and my local post office – to get The Infamous to its readers.

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Website > – Website of The Infamous Magazine (2013)

Business Skills: ,
Editorial Skills: , , ,
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Web Development: , , ,
Screenshots and custom PHP code from the WordPress site I created for The Infamous Magazine.
Description: Magazine website
Platform: WordPress (PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript)
Features: Responsive, mobile-friendly design, widgetized areas for display advertising, featured content slider, e-commerce page, contact pages, custom metadata

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